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Below are the real responses given to our market survey as to the effects of Bodywise Products:-

I've gone from scoring once or twice a month to once or twice a week and that's the outrageous reponse I get from women now.

- Age 18-24 Kangaroo Point Qld


I spray my pillow cases before making love and I reckon it makes is more intense.

- Age 35-44 Lower Beechmont Qld


Nothing really sexual except that now I don't have to aproach women - they approach me an suggest everything. I am slightly shy that is where is helps me.

- Age 25-34 The Junction Qld


On one occasion two ladies in there 30s competed with eachother to serve me in a shop. It was very flattering and pretty unusual.

- Age 55+ Subiaco WA


When I'm out at a club they want to dance closer to me.

- Age 25-34 Wentworthville NSW


Women are nicer to me, they look at me.

-Age 45-55 Hamilton Hill WA


I travel on the trains everyday and more women began sitting next to me after I started using A727.

- Age 18-24 Miranda NSW


Women are definitely more attentive and appear more comfortable with me - particularly younger women.  I feel more popular when using your products.

-Age 35-44 Kalgoorlie WA



I'm writing to request your company's latest prices and products. Your Bodyscience Spray is excellent.  It works without any problems.  It works so well that I met and knew over 50 women in the space of 18 months.  I was absolutely stuffed with the biggest cheeky grin I've ever sported.

- Name and Age withheld. New Farm , Brisbane, QLD.


Dear BodyWise,

The Bodywise (now Bodyscience) Spray you sent me has opened a whole new worl to me.  I'm a 19 year old, plain looking book worm, women never gave me a second glance.  After wearing your spray I've had more success in the past 30 days than I have had in the past 4 years.



To Whom It May Concern,

I have used your produc a couple of times and must sya that the A727 double strength is quite remarkable and I am very impressed with  your discreet service.

- NA, Clarkson WA


Thanks for your product it ahs been great!

 - AK


Dear BodyWise,

When I first bought Bodywise (now BodyScience) I thought that it would not work - I bought it as a bit of a joke.  Well I was proved wrong; so I am ordering more!

- GW


Dear BodyWise,

After receiving your product last Friday, I tried it out over the next couple of days with astonishing results.  Women only have to get a wiff (sic) of it and they melt at the knees.  I am totally satisfied with your product.  I would like to compliment you on this great product and I wish you the best.

P.S. - I will be back for more!

- MP, Woy Woy, NSW